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Since 2005 I have functioned as a Technology Trainer, informing my knowledge of Adult Learning principles, Change Management, Development, Design and Delivery of Instructor-Led training curriculums, Agile Project Management processes and the product roll-out lifecycle. I have years of experience with teams developing people, processes and technology used for enhanced business tools and workflows.

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In 3rd grade I received the most important award I've ever received, when my teacher gave me a "commendation card" for the play that I produced called "That's what friends are for"  When I was in 8th grade, I was given an assignment to interview a public figure and I chose to interview the first black woman to serve in the United States Congress, Shirley Chisolm. When I was in 11th grade, my quite flamboyant, Guidance Counselor told me that I should attend his Alma Mater. He told me that Emerson was a perfect place for people like us. He found all kinds of scholarships for me so that I could go and off I went...

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When I graduated from college I called a college friend who was working at CNN. He invited me to drive with him to Atlanta and when we arrive we'd try to get the VJ supervisor to give me an interview. It worked! I got the job. After a few years, a childhood friend, who was attending Knoxville College said that the school was looking for a dorm director and women's basketball coach, so I applied. I worked there for one semester before I decided that television was really what I wanted to do, so I went BACK to CNN.

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After a couple years, I left CNN to join a startup internet company that went bankrupt 6 months later. While attending a keg and pizza party on the day the operation went dark, an old friend from CNN called to tell me about a Public Relations gig with a government agency she worked for. I got the job. The events of 911 caused the loss of that job. While sitting in front of the television watching back to back coverage of the devastating event, another CNN friend called to ask me to cover her shift at Black Entertainment Television. When I got there, they wanted me to stay. I stayed there for 4 years until another old friend at CNN called to offer me a job as a trainer in the newly formed training program. I took the job.

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After 15 years as a Technology Trainer, I decided to launch my own company. I secured my first contract as a business owner with a Vendor whom I had worked with at CNN. (See my blog: "Going from Employee to Entrepreneurship" for more on that.) I honored my contractual agreement, but loss a bit of my confidence. I needed to obtain additional small business development. I took an 8-week course. After completion of the course, I was offered a job facilitating the course. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic I was an Entrepreneur with no work, so I  spent 2 years at home. I have a story about that time but not for this site. While at home I got a call from another CNN friend who offered me a freelance remote trainer position and I took the job.

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As early as third grade I knew the value of friendships, and throughout my 30 something years of professional experience it was always a friend that led me to my next opportunity. Yes, I had transferrable skills that made it easy for them to recommend me for the job, but what is equally as valuable is the fact that when I get to work, I receive "commendations" for my work. I believe in showing up and doing good work everyday Thank your Mr. Lev and all of my friends who have believed in me along the way.

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